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Thousands of free online courses to broaden your horizons
Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Anyone can enroll at a local
community college or university to take classes to broaden their horizons. In
fact, doing so might be among your New Year's resolutions. But what if you
don't have a few thousand dollars for tuition and textbooks, or the extra time?
There's a site that has thousands of free classes you can take online, for free,
from top universities around the country such as Harvard, Duke, Notre Dame,
MIT, Yale and many more.

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January 3
Sven Krumrey 2015/12/31
What is SPOTIFY? Do you like music?
What is it?
Spotify is a streaming service for music, audio books and other audio content
with unlimited song access. There's a dedicated software / app for every
device from computers to cellphones.

here to learn more.

A Puzzle A Day Keeps the Doctor Away
The brochure Heads Up for Healthier Brains, published by Alzheimer Society of
Canada, recommends taking action for a healthier brain, and that playing games
like chess, cards or jigsaws is one of many activities to keep your brain active
every day.
Care about your brain health? Why not solve a jigsaw puzzle a day. After all, not
only is the puzzle game mind challenging, but also fun, easy to play and suitable
for all ages, young and old.
Many jigsaw puzzles are now in the store and Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is one of the
good choices. It is richly designed, with soft background music, sound effects and
teeming with excellent features.
This puzzle game offers you high-definition pictures, each cut into different
pieces based on the levels of difficulty you choose. You can opt for the rotation
mode to turn around pieces like real-life cardboard jigsaws, and you can have a
preview of the puzzle or start a game with edge pieces.
After installing this game, you get preloaded packs of beautiful puzzles, with
available downloads for more free or paid packs from the store every day so that
you won't find yourself repeating the same puzzles.
The free version of this game is supported by ads while the paid version offers
more choices including creating your own puzzles from your pictures.
Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is currently available in iOS and Windows versions, ideal
for keyboard-and-mouse or touch enabled devices. If you’re using Android
system, check out similar apps like Jigsaroid featured in this list.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles
For iPhone and iPad

For Windows 8 and 10
January 12
Latest WINDOWS news from APCUG
Patch Tuesday (yesterday, 1/12) updates, kills  Windows 8 for Support from
Microsoft. That means Windows 8 is going the way of Windows XP; no more
security updates, no bug fixes, nothing.
Users still on Windows 8 will have to upgrade to Windows 8.1 or make the jump
to Windows 10. If you’re going from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, remember that
the upgrade happens via the Windows Store and not Windows Update.
Windows 8.1 is still covered, but some IE’s also hit the chopping block. Microsoft
plans to discontinue almost all support for Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10. This
issue only affects Windows 7 users who haven’t upgraded to IE11, and Windows
8 users who must upgrade to Windows 8.1 or 10 to get the latest version of IE.
Everyone else—Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users—already have IE11 as it
came built into their systems. In fact, Windows 10 users are barely affected
since the built-in browser of choice for Microsoft’s latest OS is the new Edge
Microsoft’s latest round of security patches start rolling out Tuesday but may
take a few days before they land on your system.
January 28
25 Worst Passwords – Is Yours On The List?
Security experts SplashData provided their annual list of the worst passwords
and you may see some familiar ones on the list. The list was compiled by taking
the most commons passwords from more than 2 millions passwords that were
leaked in 2015.
The top two passwords remain “123456” and “password.”  New to the list are
“welcome,” “1234567890,” “1qaz2wsx,” and “passw0rd,” (spelled with a zero
instead of an O. Thanks to the resurgence of the Star Wars franchise,
“starwars,” “solo,” and “princess” were also new to the list.
Researchers noticed a trend towards longer passwords, but “1234567890” is
not really any more secure than “123456.”

The worst passwords of 2015 are:

What can you do to make your passwords safer?  Splashdata suggests that you
make your password longer, at least 12 characters and mix up letters, numbers
capitals and characters like exclamation marks. A password of
“123456789101112” or “asdfgjkl;zxcvb” is not going to be particularly secure.
Also, stop using the same password over and over again on different sites. If
someone cracks one password, then they have access to everything.
They also suggest a password manger. But remember that’s only as secure as
the company who provides that service, and there have been cases of password
managers being hacked.

14. 111111
2. password  
15. 1qaz2wsx
3. 12345678
16. dragon
4. qwerty     
17. master
5. 12345   
18. monkey
6. 123456789  
19. letmein
7. football   
20. login
8. 1234   
21. princess
9. 1234567   
22. qwertyuiop
10. baseball
23. solo
11. welcome
24. passw0rd (word is spelled with a "zero
12. 1234567890
25. starwars  
13. abc123   
January 29
Protect Your Digital Legacy
There was a pretty interesting story in the news recently. A widow in Canada
picked up her late husband’s iPad and realized she didn’t have the password for
his Apple ID. Her daughter called Apple, willing to provide proof of the man’s
death, but was told over the phone, she’d need a court order to access the
password and that was it.

The family contacted the news media and after a story about the problem aired,
Apple called the family offering to take care of the issue. But this brings up a
good point that I’ve mentioned before. Someone needs to have access to all the
passwords for your accounts and your devices in case anything happens to you.
If you were to die or become seriously ill, would your loved ones have access to
the things they need.

Think about all your passwords: E-mail, social media, bank account, online
shopping, mutual fund, and more.

And let’s not forget about your PC, tablet, NetFlix, router and more. Could your
family continue to use your devices? Could they get online?
And what about accounts where precious family photos and videos are stored?
Do you sell on eBay? If you were incapacitated, could someone contact your
customers or halt auctions until you were able to manage them again?

Take some time now to get all those passwords together and designate
someone to retrieve them if necessary. And don’t forget to update that list when
you change passwords.

If you don’t have plans in place for your digital legacy, your family could lose
thousands of dollars in apps, music, videos and eBooks that you paid good
money for.

All of their purchases are digital and could conceivable be lost forever if you don’
t have a password.

Many accounts, like Facebook, have an option to set someone up to manage
your legacy.

Do your loved ones have the necessary information to manage your accounts?